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Header Fly Finds New Home

I’ve finally found a suitable frame for the artwork sent to me by Jeff from Drawing Flies 365 of the header fly for the blog. I framed up the painting with the original fly mounted in the corner. Now I was all set to hang this in my tying room when my wife walked in and demanded suggested I should hang it in a more public view. I’m game for that. This is a great step for her, and it will be only the second piece of fly tying art displayed outside my room (Which is saturated). The other would be a set of Sarah Briston prints with Damian Walsh’s flies as the subject. Come to think of it, I did have more art around that seems to have disappeared on the last move. I can’t find my set of saltwater chalk drawings signed by DL, Clouser and Lefty. If you see them up for auction again, let me know.

Header Fly Framed

Thanks again Jeff.