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Bunny Leech – Barry White NLFT

The Northern Lights Fly tyers out of Edmonton, Alberta are now posting up some of the videos from their weekly meetings. This is great news for me especially as I used to be a member when I lived there. Barry White is a guide on the Bow River and also the best Santa Claus I have ever seen in person. In this video, Barry ties up a simple leech pattern and explains the use of zonkers and cross-cut rabbit. this is essentially the same way to create a flesh fly, just swap out the olive for pink, cream, peach, flame… you get it. Looking forward to seeing a ton more videos from the club



Easy Flesh Fly

The Alaska Fly Fishers have been busy video taping one “Flashback Max” and his handy work on the vise. i just finished tying up a batch of these flies myself. Sadly the aren’t destined for my fly box, but for a client who is taking a trip north for the fall salmon season in Alaska. If you have both zonker strips and cross cut rabbit, it really makes this fly easy to tie, but because it’s flesh that you are trying to imitate, random chunks will work just as well and perhaps even better.

Try tying this in light shades of pinks, tans and ginger colored rabbit. You can vary it further by using a two-tone approach, using say a pink tail and a creamy tan body. Happy tying.

Click here if the video does not play.


Battle Creek Special

The Battle Creek Special Fly Pattern

Here is another uniquely Alaska pattern from the gang at Alaska Fly Fishers. It’s said to be a popular pattern meant to act much like the more popular Flesh Fly in that it represents decaying loosened flesh from salmon who have already met their demise. You can also use a standard black Japanned hook to tie up this fly. It’s recommended by guides as a must bring fly along with the usual suspects.

Material List for the Battle Creek Special – Click here for the step by step tutorial

Thread: 6/0 or 3/0 white
Hook: #4-10 3X long streamer
Lead: .025 or .030 Tail: Marabou, white
Body: Chenille, shell pink
Body Hackle: Saddle, white
Collar: Saddle hackle, orange