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The Amber Stimi

From the vault at Riseform Studios come week another great segment of fly tying by John Collins. This is an eastern take on a classic western pattern, the stimulator. The Amber Stimulator imitates an Egg Laying Stonefly, but in a size and shade more appropriate for Eastern Streams. For the East use a Dai Riki 270 #12 thru #16, for the West tie this in the #6 range and in the appropriate colors. For Eastern streams and rivers this is a fantastic pattern to fish at dusk and in to the dark. Remember to try some action on this fly. Egg Laying Stoneflies land and take off many times in this process, making a commotion on the water. Skittering your fly and ignoring traditional dead drift presentation can be the key to triggering the rise.


DNA Clouser Minnow

We featured a fly (DNA Thundercreek) tied with the DNA materials a while back and had received some great feedback on the pattern. This Clouser pattern is a nice complement to that updated classic, and is a sexy looking fly when wet. Nate Stansberry winds the thread on this fly specifically designed for fishing off the Oregon Coast for rockfish and ling cod. I’m sure most other species wouldn’t mind seeing it as well.

Click here if video does not play –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydYpNoZ5x7g


Steelhead Skunk

Tied up by Marty Howard at an industry show. Marty has a great tip in here for tying in a nice tip and tag of floss and tinsel. If you listen closely at 5:56 in the video, you can here an unhappy tyer swear. Perhaps a thread issue. lol Marty is a great tyer and I love watching this fly being tied as he ties up one great looking steelhead fly.

Click here if the video does not play.