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NEW Fish-Skull Shrimp & Cray Tails

Martin Bawden has done it again with another innovative product from the R&D labs at Flymen Fishing Co . The new Shrimp & Cray Tail adds a bit of realism to your crayfish and shrimp patterns while adding the weight and leverage required to turn over the fly patterns.

Think about it – as fly tyers we put a tremendous amount of creativity and innovative use of materials to realistically imitate the appearance of shrimp or crayfish eyes, feelers, mandibles, and other body parts, and then blow it by placing an unnaturally shaped piece of metal in the place where the tail of the fly is supposed to be.

from flymenfishingcompany.com/blog

Shrimp & Cray Tails by Flamen Fishing Co.
Shrimp & Cray Tails by Flamen Fishing Co.

The tails come in 3 sizes to accommodate hooks sized #8 to #2 and larger, and currently come in gold and silver finishes. We would love to see a wider range of colors in shrimp and crayfish colors down the road, but a little paint in the meantime should suffice.

Shrimp & Cray Tails Vs Beadchain
Shrimp & Cray Tails Vs Bead chain

I’m fully expecting to see a slew of new patterns incorporating the Shrimp & Cray Tails in the coming months, and can not wait to get my hands on some to try out my own crayfish and saltwater shrimp patterns. Small and medium sizes come with 20 pieces per package and 15 pieces in the large size. They will retail for $5.95 per package. Fish-Skull® Shrimp & Cray Tail™

Saltwater Shrimp pattern tied with Shrimp & Cray Tails
Saltwater Shrimp pattern tied with Shrimp & Cray Tails

Micro Pick Streamer by Rich Strolis

I’ve got a small box of bitty rabbit strips that I dip into from time to time, but the more big rabbit patterns I tie, the fuller that box is getting. Rich is offering this micro streamer to help cull the pile a little bit. This video takes you through the steps of tying his gold variation of the pattern.

Hook: Partridge Predator #2-8
Thread: UTC 140
Tail: Rabbit strip
Body: Flat diamond braid
Wing and collar: Rabbit strip
Head: Fish Skull / Fish Mask & 3D eye

Video via Rich Strolls on Vimeo. Please take a moment to visit and check out some of his other videos.


Ice Pick Streamer – Richard Strolis

Rich always has some killer patterns to share, and this is no exception. The barred zonks on the back of this fly will look killer in the sauce, while the Fish Skull will give a sweet realistic profile.

Zonker variation of a streamer utilizing the new Fish Skullz by Flymen Flyfishing. White, yellow, grizzly and orange are some top producers. An easy streamer pattern that works very well.

I wouldn’t exactly call this an “easy” streamer with the spun dubbing and legs, but if you sub out the custom spun dubs for some cactus, estaz or crystal chenille, that brings it back into novice territory. The Fish Skull really puts a nice finish on the pattern.


The “Ice-Pick” Streamer from Richard Strolis on Vimeo.