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Zug Bug – Nymph that imitates nothing by McFly Angler

Zug Bug – Nymph that imitates nothing – McFly Angler
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The Zug bug is a fly that works really well, however it doesn’t seem to resemble any particular bug specifically. Not sure really what it is supposed to mimic. Some say caddis (cased or pupa), and while that could be, it really isn’t a good representation. However, that means nothing in fishing. Something doesn’t have to look identical to a forage for a fish to eat it. And trout love this fly. I find especially in the winter time for some reason. Although I have had them take this fly year round.

The fly is also relatively easy to tie compared to some other flashy patterns like copper johns or prince nymphs (both of which also don’t mimic anything specific, but trout love them!).

As always I am listing all the materials used on this fly below. I am also putting links to the Fly Artist, and a discount code. So if you are looking to purchase these materials online, use that code and buy from them because that will be the best deal you can find on these specific materials.

Hook I used: Firehole Sticks #609 in size 14
Alternative Hook: Daiichi 1560
Thread: Veevus 6/0 in Black
Tail: Peacock Swords
Ribbing: Silver Tinsel
Body: Peacock Hurl
Hackle: Hen neck or saddle
Wing Case: Natural Mallard Flank
Head Cement: Original Hard as Hull

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Tying a Dirty Martini Nymph Fly pattern for trout – Ep147 PF #PiscatorFlies

Hey Thread Heads, I just received my order of Firehole stones in the mail. I’ve been anxious to get these as I had a few patterns I was wanting to tie for the channel. The Dirty Martini nymph is modeled after the cocktail and the olive bead with its red eyes mimic the olive often found swimming in the glass.

I’ve taken this pattern through a number of different versions before hitting on this configuration. The seal dubbing is great for a natural collar and it can be brushed out to mimic legs. If you do not have access to seal, another dubbing like Simi-seal, Antron, or ice dubbing should fill in fine.

Dirty Martini Nymph Fly pattern RecipeHook: Firehole 633 #10-18
Bead: Firehole Tungsten Olive
Thread: Olive 8/0 (70d)
Tail: Hungarian partridge fibers
Rib: Silver wire (brassie)
Body: Gold Hare’s Ear Plus Dubbing
Thorax: Olive seal dubbing or similar
Eyes: Red paint (nail polish)