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Rangeleys Sesquicentennial

Thanks to Chris Del Plato from the Streamer List for this find. You may remember this fly plastered on the cover of Fly Tyer magazine a couple years back. The fly was designed and tied by Grey Wolf (Sam Claro) to commemorate the Rangeley’s 150th year, hence the name. A limited edition of 50 framed flies were produced, all dressed on hooks 50 years or older. It is mounted in a handmade wood framed and includes a Gold plate inscribed “Celebrating 150 Years 1855-2005” along with Gray Wolf’s signature. You can find the auction here, but hurry as it is ending shortly. Happy bidding.


Rangeleys Sesquicentennial
Rangeleys Sesquicentennial

Rangeleys Sesquicentennial
Hook:8X-long John Willis hook (You can substitute with the Gaelic Supreme Mike Martinek Rangeley Streamer hooks or the Heritage Allcock streamer hooks.)
Thread: 8/0 black
Tag: Silver tinsel
Body: Burnt orange silk floss
Rib: Embossed silver tinsel
Wing: Each side-2 purple hackles beneath 1 shorter orange hackle
Underwing: GP crest
Belly: Peacock herl, orange and purple bucktail
Throat: Orange hackle
Shoulder: Peacock breast
Eyes: Jungle cock nail


Rare Lew Oatman fly for sale on EBay

I’m constantly on the lookout for flies tied by some of the past masters. Lew Oatman is one who has inspired me with his somewhat unique take on the streamer. the one here for sale is called a Perch. It is just a bit too rich (120 incl shipping) for me at this moment, but I think that some lucky tyer would love to add it to their collection. On a related note, I narrowly missed winning a Warren Duncan fly recently. Just missed by seconds really. 🙁 Some other notable flies I have seen recently are Art Flick dries, Helen Shaw dries and there are even a few Bob Clouser originals on there.

Lew Oatman Streamer

Lew Oatman Perch Streamer