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Midnight Fire BALANCED Leech by Fly Fish Food

Midnight Fire BALANCED Leech

View on YouTube From Fly Fish Food-
The Midnight Fire color scheme is fire. Add a balanced aspect and it’s super-fuego. Get the material kit here: http://bit.ly/2EMEcEh
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Fly Fish Food


Egg Sucking Intruder – Black & Blue – Dimitri Gammer

This isn’t exactly a tutorial, but it does quick work of a fly which take quite a while to tie. It’s a beautiful black and blue intruder, loosely based around a Ward’s Intruder style fly. I really love the photography of the video and the included shots of the fly swimming.

Egg Sucking Intruder – Black & Blue from Dimitri Gammer on Vimeo.

Shank: 45mm Waddington shank
Trailer Material: Rio Knottable Wire 30#
Hook: Gamakatsu Octopus Size 2
Thread: Black UTC 140
Rear Underwing: Blue Arctic Fox
Rear Wing: Blue Amherst
Body: Silver Braid
Rib: Gold Wire
Front Underwing #1: Black Elk Hair
Front Underwing #2: Blue Arctic Fox
Wing #1: Black Ostrich
Wing #2: Blue Amherst
Wing #3: Saddle Hackle Tips
Head: Pink cactus chenille
Eyes: Bead Chain


Dubbing Brush Egg Sucking Leech – Norm Norlander

I’ve given the Nor-vise a whirl before, but it didn’t really fit me so well. Like anything, you have to give it a try to see if it is for you, and after seeing this video, I will need to revisit it. I do a lot of production tying, but most of the patterns I tie don’t really require the spinning the Norvise offers, but there are a few places it would really come in handy. This ESL is really sweet, and the techniques shown look incredible. So, for this is for all the Norvise fans and those thinking about one. I love the ingenuity Norm shows with the dubbing brush set-up, now that would be handy to have. Enjoy.