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Building a better Caddis

I’ve probably tied a couple thousand Elk Hair Caddis flies in my time. Even with all those flies tied, you can still learn a few things by watching others tie. This video features one step I never really use, but I think that it will become standard. Cutting out a channel of the hackle on top of the fly before you add the wing is great because it allows that wing to sit lower on the fly and therefore sit lower in the water. The season opener is drawing near and I still have lots of empty spaces, I need to get busy. Enjoy the video.

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Al Troth Montana Collection

AL Throth\'s Montana Collection

Al Troth is credited with the creation of the Elk Hair Caddis, a staple pattern in many fly boxes including my own. So when I seen this eBay auction come up I got excited. This collection includes a signed card with 13 of Al’s flies, 6 being EHC variations. If you want to bid, do it quick as the auction ends tonight at 7:30 PDT. I’m not affiliated with the seller, I just think this would be a great addition to any collector’s cashe.


Al Troth Signature