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Matt’s Egg tied by Matthew Pate

Matt’s Egg is a fresh look at the classic Glo-bug fly pattern that has been a staple for anglers targeting salmon trout and steelhead in the migrational river systems over the world. I’ve likely tied 10,000 or more egg flies of differing pedigrees for clients in the past year. Reason being is that they are quick to tie, and they catch a lot of fish. The majority of these eggs are destined to be fished in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario for both the spring steelhead run and the fall salmon / steelhead runs, but the need for egg flies exists everywhere.

Matt’s Egg takes a different approach from the slam bam approach of the 30 second glo-bug . One problem with the go-bugs I’ve seen in fly shops is that they don’t hold up well in the water, and if they are not tied with densely packed material, they lose their shape in the water and tend to look like a cube of cheese. Matt’s Egg generates and nicer shape and a dense soft fly which looks like it should hold shape better. It should be noted that the more dense the egg, the slower it is to sink, so the 3.2mm brass bead is a welcome addition to the fly and should balance out the sink rate.

Matt’s Egg Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Grub hook (or suitable egg hook) #6-#12
Bead: 3.2mm brass bead hot orange
Thread: 6/0 white or match yarn color
Body: Peach or yellow egg yarn

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Soft Milking Eggs

This at least solves one mystery for me. Why did Montana fly Co. call those soft eggs “Otter’s Soft Milking Eggs“? It’s because of this guy, Walt “Otter” Mueller. This is a nice somewhat complex egg pattern. You might have missed how the red bead got inside the egg, but it’s just slid into the egg before you slip it onto the hook. The result is a realistic looking egg and another quick tie.


Tying Nuclear Eggs

I’ve been on a bit of an egg kick, but really, I’ve stayed away from them for so long, they are more or less new to me and well, it’s a bit exciting to be tying a few of them. Here is another variation on the Glo-Bug, a Nuke Egg. It’s basically a Glo-Egg with a veil, giving the fly a milky look to it. It’s another pattern for my to play around with and throw into the box once the new shipment of McFly foam comes in. 🙂