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Scagit Master 3

I’ve been a fan of the Scagit Master franchise since I viewed the first clip and have been enjoying the great scenery and precision casting, but mostly I’m in it for the big beastly looking flies. Not to be disappointed in the latest offering, there seems to be no shortage of fly glory and as demonstrated in the preview. I’m looking forward to the progression of the series and the flies.

Skagit Master 3 presents modern concepts in steelhead fly design. No single steelhead pattern is a silver bullet. Confidence in the fly you choose plays a major role in a fly’s success. But thinking beyond what you learned in the “how to” books of the past often results in some cool fly concepts. Skagit Master 3 presents a few modern patterns and the steelheaders who tie them: Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp and of course Scott Howell, Ed Ward and Jerry French.


It's Not Tied, It's Engineered.

Mr Ed Ward and Jerry French discuss the origns of the intruder fly. It’s Not Tied, It’s Engineered. It is always a treat to see a master at work. The fly in the water barely collapses and you see the intention of the fly, cast a big shadow while letting the light shine through. The movement and separation of the wet fly is something to behold. This is a bonus clip from the DVD “Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward”. The full fly is tied on the DVD. Sweet!


Pink Intruder

Here is a sweet variation of Ward’s Intruder. I’ve been tying up a number of Intruders myself, but sans Rhea and Fox. The rhea is a nice addition to the fly and really adds to the appeal. I haven’t bee tying mine with fox, but rather polar bear. I’m going to check out the fox cause it looks rad. I found this pattern on Brian Niska’s blog, check it out here – http://whistlerflyfishing.blogspot.com/2009/01/pink-intruder-tube-fly.html.


Tube: HMH 1.5″ aluminum
Hook: Partridge Nordic single size #4
Tail: shrimp pink arctic fox
Body: pearl Lagurtons flat braid
Hackle: hot pink rhea wrapped over spun white polar bear
Collar: shrimp pink saddle hackle wrapped with hot pink schlappen
Wing: white ostrich herl with an underwing of pearl flashabou
Head: finish off with a nice set of machined eyes of your preference