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Foamulator tied by In The Riffle

I can think back to when I first started tying flies, and I remember with a lot of fondness, tying up Stimulators for use on the local lakes. The flies were nice and substantial, piling up quickly on the bench. Even on the water, the flies performed quite well, but with new materials, comes new ways to seat them onto a hook. The Foamulator is a fully loaded take on the classic Stimulator pattern used to imitate stoneflies and salmonflies. The fly includes a strip of foam into the design, a hi-vis indicator in the wing, and some action imbuing rubber legs. The densely wrapped hackle and foam should keep this fly floating high for hours. The video shows the GoldenStone version of the fly being tied, but it can be tied in a number of colors to match the naturals.

Via: In The Riffle on Youtube

Foamulator Fly Tying Recipe

Hook: #04-10 Tiemco 5212
Thread: Orange Veevus 14/0
Tail: Golden Brown Dyed Deer Body Hair
Back: Gold 2mm Thin Foam
Rear Body: Golden Brown Ice Dubbing
Rear Body Hackle: Brown Whiting High and Dry Rooster Cape
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Underwing: Yellow Web Wing
Overwing 1: Golden Brown Dyed Deer Body Hair
Overwing 2: White McFlylon or Poly Yarn
Legs: Yellow Medium Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs
Head: UV Red Ice Dubbing
Head Hackle: Grizzly Whiting High and Dry Rooster Cape

You can find In The Riffle via: InTheRiffle.com,
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Henryville Special by Jim Misiura

The Henryville Special is an older fly pattern, but one that comes in handy for a caddis or blue winged olive hatch. It can be a bit tricky to get the wing slips to sit nicely, but a bit of practice will help you get the hang of it. I’ve been putting together a new box of flies for the spring opening and hope to include a few HvS’s in the mix. If you want a little more durability in the fly, I would suggest adding a reverse rib of fine wire over the grizzly hackle.

Hook: Standard dry fly hook #12-#18
Thread: Black 8/0
Body hackle: grizzly saddle hackle
Body: Olive dry fly dubbing
Underwing: Mallard flank fibers
Wing: Mallard wing quill slips
Hackle: Grey or brown saddle hackle