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Royal Coachman – InTheRiffle

Thinking back many years to one of the first lessons I ever took on the subject of fly tying, the Royal Coachman was likely the 3rd or 4th fly pattern I had ever tied. It’s a classic by all standards, and a suitable model of homing the skills of tying Catskill dry flies. The shimmering green peacock body interrupted by the regal strip of red is some often ported to other patterns in hopes of stumbling on the next great fish getter. The pattern has stood the crippling tests of time and still remains a staple in many flyboxes in pursuit of trout, grayling and panfish. For more information and material sources check out intheriffle.com/royal-coachman-dry/

Via: In The Riffle on Youtube

Hook: #10-18 Tiemco 100
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Golden pheasant tippet
Body: Peacock herl
Tag: Red UNI-Floss
Hackle: Coachman brown dry fly hackle (neck or saddle)
Wing: White goose shoulder strip
Head: Black

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Iris Caddis – Matt Grobert

It’s great to see high quality production in fly tying video, and this video is wonderfully done. The opening 360 degree shot of the pattern is a stellar idea, and it gives the tyer an ideal look at all angles of the fly so that they can see the minute detail in the pattern that isn’t always evident in a side view. The video is full of little hints and technique. this is one messy looking fly, but one I have used with some rewarding results on small streams. The narration is a little monotone, but the content is exceptional.