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Danica Emerger Fly tied by William Ensiferum

William ties a really beautiful fly. This emerger is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. The body uses 3 hairs from elk and moose so that there is a color difference in the body. This combination gives the body the look if a stripped peacock quill body. It is reinforced with a coating of UV resin, creating a durable fly body.

The floating portion of the fly is comprised of snowshoe hare feet and deer hair. The fly will float wonderfully while the body dips into the drink. I can’t wait until spring to give this pattern a throw.

Danica Emerger Fly Tying Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu F22 #10
Thread: UTC 70 white
Body: Elk Hair or Moose Mane Hair
Resin: UV Resin
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Thorax and Legs: Snowshoe Hare
Wing: Winter Deer Hair


Youtube Channel: William Ensiferum


Deer Hair Emerger – Hans Weilenmann

This is a nice little Bob Wyatt pattern that Hans ties up. It’s a pattern I have sort of avoided tying in the past because it looked a bit tricky to get the wing right, but Hans makes it look quite easy and I’m going to re-visit the technique.

DHE (Deer Hair Emerger)
Hook: Partridge GRS 6A #12
Thread: Uni-thread 6/0, Brown
Rib: Tying thread tag end
Wing: Deer hair, natural
Abdomen: Hare, dyed olive (or color to match the natural)
Thrax: Hare’s ear, natural

Check out more from Hans at http://www.danica.com/flytier or his Youtube page – http://www.youtube.com/user/HansWeilenmann


Clown Shoe Caddis – Jay Zimmerman

Here is another great looking pattern from Jay Zimmerman. We have featured his flies on the blog before, and I love his tying style. This caddis looks ideal for me with the hi-vis post. The body looks great, and with this design, it will float like a dream, lots of hackle, deer hair and a dangling body. I don’t think I would change a thing.