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“Mahoney” Spey Fly – Rich Youngers

This is a really great looking spey with a red and black theme. It was originated by Dec Hogan in honor of Jerry Mahoney from Seattle Washington. This is a great fly for later winter and spring runs of steelhead. This is a step by step tutorial placed into a video. Hope to see more from Rich, and perhaps some video in the future.

Hook: McNeese Blue Heron hook in sizes 1, 2, or 3 or Alec Jackson 2051 Spey fly hooks size 3/0, 1.5, or 3.
Thread: Red 6/0
Body: Rear 1/3 Red Lagartun floss, balance Red STS dubbing
Rib: Flat pearl Mylar folowed by medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Black Spey Schlappen, one side stripped
Collar: Red guinea
Wing: Four matching hackle tips from a red rooster neck