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Steelhead Hammer – Darren MacEachern


The Steelhead Hammer has had notable success targeting steelhead in British Columbia, as well as the Great Lakes tributaries. It is an effective pattern that can easily be changed with the season by varying the colour choices. Purple and blue seem to be better colours for winter use while pinks and reds tend to dominate in the spring and summer. Many Steelheaders have come to know the Hammer as their Go-To fly, and always keep extras in their box in a range of colours. The versatility of this fly has also allowed it to be an excellent choice for salmon and trout species. On a recent trip to Alberta, even a willing Arctic Grayling was found. I keep a selection of Hammers in my fly box, and you should consider it as well.

Purple Steelhead Hammer Fly Pattern Recipe
Hook: Mustad C49S or other scud hook
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Purple Schlappen
Ribbing: Silver Holographic Mylar Tinsel 1/64
Body: Black Super-Stretch Floss
Thorax: Purple Crystal Chenille
Head: Fire Orange

Steelhead Hammer Completed
Steelhead Hammer Completed

Steelhead Hammer - Materials
Steelhead Hammer - Materials

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Bleeding Schlappen Leech – Darren MacEachern

Leeches are a staple food item for trout in lakes and streams. I have often heard them described as dessert for feeding trout. This pattern came about because I wanted a heavier version of a Woolly Bugger with out adding lead or expensive metal beads. In bright sunny conditions, this pattern glows due to the silver-lined beads. While glass beads don’t weigh much, the amount used in the pattern creates a quick sinking treat for trout. I tie this in a light tan, purple, and olive as well as the black.


Bleeding Schlappen Leech
Bleeding Schlappen Leech

The Bleeding Schlappen Leech
Originated by Darren MacEachern
Tied by Darren MacEachern

Hook: 4xl streamer hook size 2 – 12.
Thread: Black 8/0 (70 Denier)
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Red Silver-lined Glass Beads
Hackle: Peacock Black Schlappen
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Epoxy Buzzer

Heading into fall, my fly orders have been heavy with all sorts of Chironomid patterns like Snocones, Chan’s Chironomids and this pattern, the Epoxy Buzzer. I like tying this method as it creates the thin profile you want for Chironomids. Tie the materials down to the bend then wind back up, nothing more is needed, and a thin coat of cement or epoxy seals the deal. Be sure you have a drying wheel or a place to hang the coated flies. To save a bit of time, coat all the flies at once after they are tied. This pattern by Darren MacEachern uses a split jungle cock nail, but any orange material such as UNI-mylar orange or Lagurtun midge braid will work too with a slight alteration of the tying method.

Epoxy Buzzer