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Ripple Ice Minnow by Hans Stephenson

Ripple Ice Fiber is fast becoming a favorite material for seasoned fly tyers. The ripple in the flash removes some of the artificial looks that synthetic materials can have. This imparts a more natural look on the finished fly. Hans’ Ripple Ice Minnow is the perfect testing ground for the new flash.

Hans ties this pattern by tying a series of clumps onto the hook and trimming the fly to its final shape. The range of colors allows you to create a broad selection of baitfish.

This pattern is going to be a killer for bass and pike this summer. I can’t wait to get a few of these Ripple Ice Minnows tied up for the fly box.

Ripple Ice Minnow Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Arex Trout Predator #4 (superglue base)
Thread: GSP white
Flash: Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Tail: Barred rabbit zonker and wood duck barred marabou
Gills: Red Polar reflector flash
Belly: Pearl Ripple Ice Fiber
Back: Copper Ripple Ice Fiber
Eye: Fire Living Eyes


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Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer by Ryan Gabert

Ryan Gabert is one of the expert tyers at Dakota Angler & Outfitter. In this video he ties a simple to tie but effective streamer pattern he calls Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer. The pattern uses a few newer products including Hareline’s new Double Pupil Lead eyes and a raimbow blend of Senyo’s Fusion Dub. This should be a good fly to throw at some bass, pike or trout on the rivers.

Learn more at Dakota Angler & Outfitter.

Ryan’s Simple Rabbit Strip Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #2
Thread: 140 denier olive UltraThread
Eyes: Double pupil lead eyes
Tail: Krinkle Mirror Flash
Belly: Rainbow Senyo’s Fusion Dub
Wing: Black barred Grizzly Rabbit strip
Side Accent: Krinkle mirror flash
Head: Rainbow Senyo’s Fusion Dub

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