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Fly Tying with Ryan – Tungsten Czech Scud by Hans Stephenson

Fly Tying with Ryan – Tungsten Czech Scud

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This is a simple fly that’s a great point fly on a Czech nymph rig, as well as a good weight fly on an indicator rig. Pink, Orange, and Chartreuse are our best colors locally but tie to suit your local fish. Size 12 is a good starting point!


Icy Pheasant Tail Fly The Fly Fiend

The Icy Pheasant Tail is a plump little morsel and I doubt many trout would pass up this treat. The Fly Fiend ties this pattern on a barbless #16 Partridge Patriot Czech Nymph hook. The hook is sized larger than others, and so a #16 is more on par with the #10 you may be used to tying on. The fly calls for hollow tubing with flash tied under. This gives the fly a really gassy look under water. Speaking of hollow tubing, if you have some hypodermic needles and mineral oil, you can fill the hollow tubing to really enhance the effects.

I’m excited for the spring and the start of the 2017 fishing season. Watch to the end to see a couple different colour variations on the fly. Don’t want to tie them? You can buy them from the Fiend here.

Icy Pheasant Tail fly pattern recipe

Hook: Partridge Patriot Czech Nymph (curved scud hook)
Bead: Gold tungsten
Lead: 0.015 lead free wire
Thread: 6/0 UTC olive
Tail: Pheasant tail dyed olive 8-10 fibers
Body: Wapsi stretch tubing then 2 pieces of UNI-Mylar peacock / blue (peacock side up)
Legs: Pheasant tail dyed olive
Thorax: Ice dubbing Caddis green & black blended
Wingcase: Thin skin w/ UV resin


Youtube Channel: The Fly Fiend
Youtube Video: Icy Pheasant Tail fly pattern
Instagram: theflyfiend
Website: theflyfiend.com


Catgut Nymphs

here is a sweet, simple looking fly designed for the European grayling populations. It is a new material for me, catgut that is, but it has quite a convincing look as a body material. Check out the step by step of the Catgut Nymph here. These look incredible soaked and I need to find some of this material to try out.

Catgut Nymphs
Catgut Nymphs

Catgut Nymphs
Fly hook: Daiichi D900 #16/18
Thread: UniThread 8/0 white
Body: CatGut – white
Head and torax: Dubbing – Mad rabbit Dubbing – natural