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Copper John

I know it’s been featured on the site a few times before, but who can argue with how well a nicely tied Copper John looks. this one is from My Life on the Fly Blog and is available in HD with some nice clear video.

Hook: Standard Nymph
Thread: Black
Bead: Copper brass or tungsten
Tail: black or brown goose biot
Abdomen: Medium copper wire
Thorax: Peacock herl
Wingcase: Thin-Skin, pearl flashabou and epoxy
Legs: Partridge


Copper John or Psycho Brassie?

This fly is a cool one, but I don’t think it’s gonna qualify as a “EZ Copper John“. No tail, no legs, no wing-case. Brassie has a wire body (check), peacock thorax (check) and optionally a beadhead (check). Not to knock the fly, but just an observation. The fly does feature a multi-colored body, something I love on flies, and it is simple, so, tie away! As I’ve said before, I love simple flies, and this certainly qualifies.