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Tying a CDC Comparadun with Barry Ord Clarke by The feather bender

This is a simple mixed wing comparadun that has a really nice effect. With a turkey biot body and a little UV sparkle mixed with the CDC and lemon wood duck in the wing.

Hook: Mustad R30 # 12
Thread: Yellow
Wing: Lemon wood duck, CDC, and UV enhancer
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Olive turkey biot
Thorax: Olive CDC dubbing

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I’ve been fooling around with a few of these flies. They are dead simple to tie and at this time of the year they seem to be working great. I had a few takers on this one today. I’m not sure why I didn’t tie these before now, but it look like they found a home in my dry fly box.


Sulfurs look promising as well tied up by Steve Williams hosted on Hans Page.


Hook: #14 Dry
Thread: 6/0 Match body color
Tail: guard hair – mink
Body: sulfur yellow dubbing
Wing: Light colored deer hair