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Whiting Rooster For Sale

How would this look displayed in your fly tying room? Years ago, I was at a fly tying trade show, working a booth for a fly tying materials company. They happened to have one of these Whiting roosters for display in the center of the booth, and it drew quite a crowd. People would stop in just to chat about the rooster and end up chatting for a few minutes. Another well known tyer (who shall remain anonymous) was there and had struck up a conversation with some fans. They were quite boisterous and carried on for 20 minutes or so. As the couple was leaving, the woman turned around and called out, “Wait, I want to get a picture of us with you and your cock.” It was a beutiful shade of red that his face had turned, and I’ve still yet to find that shade in hackle.

whitingfarmsinc has this rooster on eBay right now. Bookmark them to get notice of other mounts in the future. I suppose that one of these roosters is on my list of thing to buy once I get a decent lottery win.

Whiting Self Blue Rooster Mount

This is a striking example of a dry fly hackle rooster. He has beautiful barred “lavender” plumage. This is often referred to as a “self blue” coloration. His unusual coloring and pattern make him a truly unique specimen.

This rooster is truly unique in the world of chickens. For over 50 years genetic lines of chickens have been specifically bred for fly fishing feathers known as “hackle”.

Now, Dr. Thomas Whiting is the steward of these exceptional lines of dry fly hackle chickens. After years of genetic research and development the Whiting Line was created. This beautiful specimen is one of these genetic lines.


Martinek, Bergman and Allcock on Ebay

Here are a few items I’ve been tracking. Some great hooks up for bid as well as a Rare Mike Martinek streamer book.

Mike Martinek Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting 1994 Signed

I do already have 2 of these in my collection, but it wan’t easy to get them. I’ve got one locked away and one I use for reference. Don’t miss picking this up. I only see 1 or 2 a year come on ebay, and the second edition is even rarer. Mike tells me that the files have been lost, so there may never be another printing of it. Look for the bidding to go up to 40-50 for this signed edition.

Huge lot of Vintage Ray Bergman Hooks Made In England

I’ve got a few boxes of the green label hooks in my collection, and I would really love to add the blues. These were hook sold by Bergman in his NY shop and are hard to come by now. I’ve got a bit of an old hook addiction, so bidding may get fierce.

Vintage Allcock Salmon Hooks 10/0 9/0 8/0

I’ve been searching for some Allcock streamer hooks for a long time and occasionally I find something else that I really find interesting. This lot has a mix 20 big 10/0, 9/0 and 8/0 salmon irons. Wow! I hope these get dressed in a manor deserving.


Lefty on Ebay

There are lots of cool thing up for bid this week on EBay, but I’m only gonna tell you about this one, cause I sort of have my eye on the others. This is a rare find and would actually make a nice addition in my office, but alas, I have my eye on a few other gems. If you can’t get the framed, fly though and still want some Lefty memorabilia, try picking up on of Lefty’s signed sports cards from the 2008 Donruss Sports Legends series. Mine just came in a couple weeks ago (#706 / 1250).

Lefty Kreh Trading Card
Lefty Kreh Trading Card

Click here for the framed fly auction.

Framed Lefty Kreh Deceiver
Framed Lefty Kreh Deceiver

Okay, one more. How about a Salmon fly tied by one of the modern masters, Mr. Poul Jorgensen.

Click here for the auction.

Poul Jorgensen Salmon Fly
Poul Jorgensen Salmon Fly

Happy bidding.