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DNA Clouser Minnow

We featured a fly (DNA Thundercreek) tied with the DNA materials a while back and had received some great feedback on the pattern. This Clouser pattern is a nice complement to that updated classic, and is a sexy looking fly when wet. Nate Stansberry winds the thread on this fly specifically designed for fishing off the Oregon Coast for rockfish and ling cod. I’m sure most other species wouldn’t mind seeing it as well.

Click here if video does not play –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydYpNoZ5x7g


Lefty's Deceiver

Like the Clouser Minnow, the Lefty’s Deceiver has reached an almost mythical status in the realm of fly fishing. There is an unofficial contest being waged on which pattern is responsible for more species to hand. At last count, the Clouser was pegged with 106 species of fish with the Deceiver close behind. Think of the Deceiver as a template rather than a specific pattern. By Changing out aspects of the fly, you can create an endless array of patterns in sizes targeting trout up to monstrous concoctions tendered for hunting the largest of saltwater quarry.

Here we have another video by Captin Coery. Enjoy.