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Sparkle Clouser by McFly Angler

I love using Clouser minnows and fondly remember being able to watch Bob Clouser tie a few at a fishing show years ago. He mentioned several times not to overdress the fly and that most commercially tied flies broke this rule. The sparseness of the fly allows light to pass through the hairs and helps to sell it the predator as a baitfish. Shawn’s version of the Clouser tied with lots of light reflecting pearl flash. this will make a nice fly for trout in a number of colors. You can find the flash at Fly Tyer’s Dungeon.

Keeled Minnow Streamer fly pattern recipe

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 – Size 2
Thread: Danville’s 210 Flat Waxed – Blue
Weight: Lead Dumbbell Eyes – Medium
Body: H20 Pearl Baitfish Fly Tyer’s Dungeon
Adhesive – Super Glue http://amzn.to/2sDVfQ0 (12 pack for under $6)
UV Resin: Solarez “bone dry” UV curing resin


Youtube Channel: McFly Angler
Website: mcflyangler.com


Guitar Minnow – Jim Bernstein

This is a great bait fish imitator. There is quite a bit of detail put into the fly including a dual tone head and lacquered eyes, but the smelt-like qualities are all there. This would be a great fly for fishing bull trout, or deep lakers as well as the intended landlocked Atlantic salmon and big coaster brookies. The basic design of the fly is much like a Clouser Minnow, but this pattern has a much longer profile and different weighting with the eye being placed more forward.



More DNA Fun

I know that we just featured a DNA Clouser last post, but this video is just too prime not to highlight. Many people in the Calgary area are familiar with Aaron Caldwell from the Fish Tales fly shop and can attest to his fly tying skills. This video really caught my eye with the great production value and tying techniques. Pause at 18 seconds in for a money shot of this fly. Wicked proportions on this Clouser and a nice efficient tie.

Click here if the video does not play.