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Tying a Low Water Salmon Fly the March Brown with Davie McPhail by Davie McPhail


March Brown Salmon Fly (low water version)

Hook, Daiichi 2015 size 3
Thread, UNI-Thread 8/0 Yellow and finish with UNI-Thread 8/0 black
Tag, Small Oval Gold Tinsel
Tail, Golden Pheasant Crest
Rib, Medium Gold Tinsel
Body, Hare’s Body or Mask Dubbing
Hackle, Brown Partridge Feather
Wing, Bronze Mallard
Roof, Golden Pheasant Crest
Eyes, Small Jungle Cock nail or Sub
Head, Black

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Salmon Flies by Ed Muzeroll

More Flickr Gold. This is a 23 image collection of Ed “Muzzy” Muzeroll’s classic creations. The collection of Atlantic Salmon flies is truly impressive, with excellent composition and use of color. I’ve seen a few of his streamers recently as well and they are just as impressive. Be sure to visit the streamer list to view some of his other work.

Click here for the slideshow

Ed Muzeroll Atlantic Salmon Fly

Click the image below to view his streamer patterns on the Streamer List.

Canary Tied by Ed Muzeroll


Sawada flies on Auction – 4 Classics framed

Jock Scott, Green Highlander, Durham Ranger and Silver Doctor tied by Ken Sawada
Jock Scott, Green Highlander, Durham Ranger and Silver Doctor tied by Ken Sawada

Wow, can anyone lend me 1600 bucks? There are 4 great looking Ken Sawada flies on auction right now. If you are familiar with his books and flies you will be able to appreciate these pieces. These are the first I have seen in quite some time. The flies are 4 classics: Silver Doctor, Jock Scott, Durham Ranger and the Green Highlander. I’m not affiliated with the seller here, just amped to see these flies.

Auction links are below.

Silver Doctor – Ken Sawada
Durham Ranger – Ken Sawada
Green Highlander – Ken Sawada
Jock Scott – Ken Sawada