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Streamers 365 January Streamers now on Auction

All the streamers from the January streamers are now posted on our ebay auction site. This first round of auctions ends around 8pm EST on February 7th. We hope to help The Streamerlist with some basic funding, as well as make donations to Trout Unlimited, Casting for Recovery, Atlantic Salmon Federation, Project Healing Waters and the Rangeley Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum with the profits received from these auctions. You bid not only gets you a unique piece of fly fishing memorabilia, but you can also feel good about supporting these worthy causes.

1. A.M. Bassador – Monte Smith

2. Blood Brother – Mike Martinek
3. Casablanca – Ryan Houston
4. Granite Hill Smelt – Darren MacEachern
5. The Maine Game Warden – Charlie Mann
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For the Streamer Aficionado

I’m huge into the long irons, and no I’m not talking about about hitting a #2 down a 500 yard fairway, I’m speaking of the 4xl, 6xl, 8xl and even the 10xl streamers I love to tie. Chris Del Plato , an authority on the subject and one of the most respected tyers of streamers, has put together a great spot for streamer buffs. You can visit the site at http://streamerlist.ning.com/ and it features a forum, profile pages, image galleries, a chat room and more. The site has garnered the attention of some great tyers and there is a ton of eye candy already uploaded. See you there.

Grey Ghost by Emmett Johnson
Grey Ghost by Emmett Johnson

Red Ghost Streamer

I’m sitting at my desk, just back from a good morning of fishing tiny #22 gnats and caddis, so it only seems logical to present something I could actually see in the water. I have a poster from The Complete Sportsman showing some 100+ Rangeley styled streamers, many of them tied by Mike Martinek and wanted to share this one today. Mike Martinek is one of the best known tyers of the style today and has helped to elevate this style into the mainstream. If you want to read up on Mike, see Bob Petti’s article – here.

The streamer below was tied up by another famous name in streamer circles, Chris Del Plato.

Hook: Martinek 8xl
Thread: Black 6/0
Tag: Flat Silver Tinsel
Body: Red/scarlet Floss
Ribbing: Flat Silver Tinsel
Belly: Red Buck tail
Throat: Golden Pheasant Crest and Red Schlappen
Underwing: Peacock Herl and a long Golden Pheasant Crest
Wing: Red Hackle two per side with one slate gray hackle outside 2/3 as long
Shoulder: Silver Pheasant
Cheek: Jungle Cock