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Tying John Kent’s Elvis Chironomid (Variation) Trout Fly Pattern – Ep 154 PF #PiscatorFlies

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Chironomids and stillwater go together like hot wings and beer. Any time of year, you can be rest assured to find chironomids wriggling around in the water. The Elvis Chironomid is the creation of BC angler and tyer John Kent. The original name of the fly was the Viva Las Vegas on account that the fly was first tested in a location of a lake known locally as Graceland. The name was later changed to Elvis.

The mirage tinsel over red thread gives the fly a realistic appearance like you will see on the naturals who use gases to help them ascend to the surface of the water before they emerge. I’ve made some minor changes to the fly by using flat waxed nylon as an underbody rather than the UNI-Stretch John uses. I also used slim rib in place of the Wapsi Stretch Tubing used on the original. One other difference to note is that I wrap the tinsel first and overlay the rib where John lays down the rib first and fills the gap with the flash. Subtle differences, but may affect how the fly is seen underwater. It may be minor, but I wanted to point this out. 🙂

Elvis Chironomid fly pattern recipe – John Kent

Hook: Firehole 315 #10-16
Bead: White brass or tungsten
Underbody: White FWN
Thread: Red 8/0 (70d)
Rib: Mohagany Slim Rib (brown or wine)
Body: Mirage Flashabou
Coating: Bone Dry UV resin


Gink & Gasoline gives the Lowdown on DMC floss

DMC Floss Midges - Gink & Gasoline
DMC Floss Midges – Gink & Gasoline

If you have ever wandered the isles of a big box craft store, or the craft section of a chain such as Walmart, then you have no doubt stumbled upon the thrill inducing floss display (at least to a fly tyer). With an unmatched palette of color for less than a dollar a piece, the fly tyer is in heaven. If you opt to use the materials for chironomid larva, you can likely tie 1000 flies or more with a single 8m length, probably more that I’ll ever tie in a lifetime. (or not) I’ve also used the floss, as, well, floss on wet fly patterns and salmon flies. It is more forgiving than the spooled materials you can get. You can get all the dirt on the material and some easy ideas for tying patterns at Gink & Gasoline. Required reading – Midge Magic by Don Holbrook & Ed Koch.