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The Feedinator Trout and Landlocked Salmon Fly

Here is a new video from one of youtube’s best tyers. This is a simple pattern that will work great on still waters all over. I’m digging the double rib on this pattern developed by New Hampshire fishing guide Patrick Ard.

Hook: Curved scud hook
Tail: Three strands 70 D thread
Body: Thread in red, olive or black
Rib: Fine gold wire doubled
Head: Gold bead


Desperate Dan Buzzer – Dave Downie

This is a simple and nice looking English style buzzer pattern. I would be apt to add a bit weight to the head, but it all depends on how you plan to fish it. With the red holographic tinsel, this could easily pass for a bloodworm or a Chironomid, just change the depth that you plan to fish it and viola.