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Fly Tying Friday’s: The Complex Twist Bugger by Anglers All

This fly designed by Clark Pierce aka “Checch” is a unique but simple tie utilizing the existing materials to create a quick dubbing brush that’s durable and easy to tie. Our warehouse manager, Ben Baxter is a big fan of this tie and was happy to sit down and knock a few out for our subscribers. Check out the list of materials below all available at anglersall.com!

Hook: Daichi 2461 — #4
Thread: Danville’s 210 — Black
Cone: Medium — Tungsten or Brass
Tail: Select Marabou — Dark Brown
Body: Strung Schlappen — Brown & Black
UV Polar Chenille — Olive
Collar: Hairline “Bruiser Blend” Dubbing — UV Tan

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