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Super Fluo Spey/CDL Shrimp by Mattias Faltsetas

Super Fluo Spey/CDL Shrimp

Material list

Gamakatsu F314 #4
Whiting Spey Fl. Chartreuse
Whiting Coq De Leon Badger Dyed Fl. Chartreuse
Hareline Ice Dub Fl. Lime Green
Senyos Laser Dub Fl. Hot Orange
Easy Shrimp Eyes Black
Fly dressing mallard Fl. Chartreuse
Textreme Fl. Chartreuse 8/0

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Murky Water Streamer by Ruben Martin

It’s been said a million times, “If it aint chartreuse, it aint no use”, and in the case of low visibility waters, the bright green remains a good choice. The Murky Water Streamer is an articulated fly and the front hook is meant to be clipped, so the important thing to note is the length of the hook shank. Personally, I’m not a fan of the limp trailer hooks and would prefer using a coated braided wire for the trailer. The fly pattern is a big one, and with the marabou collar and sili-legs, it will provide for a lot of movement in the water.

Murky Water Streamer Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Rise 90019 # 1 or 4xl streamer hook
Thread: 8/0 UNI or 70 UTC
Trailer: Multi-filament Tufline 65 lbs or similar
Eyes: Large silver bead chain
Body: polar chartreuse chenille
Collar: Chartreuse marabou
Flash: Pearl polar flash
Wing: Rabbit strip chartreuse or barred chartreuse
Legs: Sili legs barred blue / black
Junction: ProTube red or chartreuse
Trailer Hook: Octopus

Be sure to check out this and other videos on Ruben Martin’s Youtube page.