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Charlies Musky Angel Streamer

Musky? Pike? Yes indeed! This is a massive fly and one that would be ideal for either pike or musky. I still need to find a musky on the fly, and something like that might fit the bill. Of course, you could scale this one down a bit for a lighter rod, but it’s made with Anglehair mostly, so the weight shouldn’t be too bad. 8-9 weight should do.

This is a great Musky and Northern Pike fly for both fall and spring. The Tight Lines smallmouth guides also love tying this pattern in smaller sizes for smallies



Eumer Cone Tube Fly #1 by Tight Lines Fly Fishing

Here is a great tutorial for tube tyers. Charlie from Tight Lines ties up a somewhat generic tube, but the important thing to note is how the components of the fly fit together. Charlie does a pin point job explaining some of the mystery behind all of the separate components and how the liner tube, junction tube, body and cone fit into the overall construction of a tube fly. Take notes.


Charlie's Secret Attack Midge

You will want to brush up on tying your parachute patterns before you tackle this one. The midge is a minuscule little prey item and so the hooks reflect this. Charlie Piette gets a lot of respect from me for being able to tie large stuff like Ed Ward’s Intruder to this. This fly has an orange hi-vis post that I would need in order to have any hope of seeing a take.

Click here if the video does not play