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Marc Petitjean Caddis

The Petitjean magic tool has been out for some time now and you will find it on the bench of many tyers. I have one myself and do use it on occasion to combine colors of marabou, CDC and to mix dubbing in with feathers easily. Marc put out a DVD to help explain the use of his tool when the product was released, and here is one of the flies from the DVD. All you need is the tool and 3 colors of CDC feathers to create a simple, effective and extremely quick tie.



CDC Bubble Caddis Adult – Davie McPhail

More from one of my favorite tyers of late. Here is a concept brought to the mainstream by Gary Lafontaine years ago. I love working with CDC and tying caddis dries, so this is a perfect pattern for my dry fly box. I’ve bee tying and fishing quite a few CDC and elks lately with great success, but this is something I’m eager to try out.