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Spring Olive Spider – Davie McPhail

This is a beautiful Catskills looking fly. The wing in comprised of both a cock and hen hackle resulting in a unique looking dry. I like the final look of the fly and may try this style (hen/cock hackle mix) in a few other colors such as a Blue Wing Olive or Adams. As always, Davie has superb instruction and precise tying.



Grey Hackle Series Flies

Normand Frechette has produced another great series of older flies, the Grey hackle Series over at Flytying: New and Old. It’s great to see the older flies come to life, and Norm is a great candidate. You can see some of his work on Hans’ Flytier page. i’m sure we’ll be adding more from Norm in the future.

After doing some research in Perrault’s Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies, it was amazing to find 23 variations of the Gray Hackle series. Read more …

is a real treasure to add to your library if you can find a copy. Expect to dish out 75 buck or more for a decent copy, but occasionally you may find one at a bargain price.

Gray Hackle Blue - Tied by Norm Frechette
Gray Hackle Blue - Tied by Norm Frechette

Gray Hackle Blue
Hook: Dry 12-14
Tail: Scarlet Hackle Fibers
Rib: Gold Tinsel
Body: Blue Floss
Hackle: Grizzly

Click here to see the other 9 variations Norm tied up.