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Carrie’s Last Fly / Rangeley Outdoor Heritage Museum

I just got word that the Rangeley Outdoor Heritage Museum will soon be opening up their doors via Chris at the Streamer List. I’m really gonna have to get out there to see the collection. I’ll be in streamer heaven.

The museum will include a show-cased exhibit of the largest collection of Carrie Stevens streamer flies in the world. Stevens, an ardent local angler who lived in a cottage at Upper Dam, designed the popular Gray Ghost streamer fly and created many others. Included among the museum’s collection of various fish mounts is an 11- pound brook trout caught at Upper Dam in the 1890s!

Included in the collection is Carrie’s last fly, the Pink Lady.

Pink Lady - Carrie Stevens' Last Fly
Pink Lady - Carrie Stevens' Last Fly

When Carrie Stevens decided to discontinue her fly tying business in the 1950’s, she sold her remaining tying material to Wendall Folckins. He and George Fletcher, owner of the Rangeley Region Sport Shop, asked Carrie to show them her tying technique. She did it by creating the last fly she ever tied, this Pink Lady. This fly will also be donated to the Museum in the name of a future major donor.