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Brook Trout of Minipi by Lee Wulff | Labrador by The New Fly Fisher

Brook Trout of Minipi by Lee Wulff | Labrador
After World War II the government of Newfoundland & Labrador hired Lee Wulff to help promote the region for Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon. In this classic video Lee is joined by Curt Gowdy who explore the Minipi watershed for the giant Brook Trout that have made the area famous. This is the film the government funded, one of several produced and hosted by Lee Wulff.

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Canadian Hopper – Donald “Chubby” McChubbin

How can you not love the nickname Chubby. This is a simple hopper pattern for the late summer and into the fall. This won’t float like the foam hoppers, but should present as a nice drowned hopper. It should be good for some hard heavy takes just below the surface.

Hook: Hopper 3xl curved shank #1270
Thread: 6/0 yellow
Tail: Red hackle fibers
Body: Orange wool
Rib: Yellow floss
Wing: Turkey quill
Head: spun and clipped deer body hair


Oh Canada

Happy Birthday Canada!

Here is a fly I tied for a swap last year, the Arctic Firefly. This is a pattern I found in “A Compendium of Canadian Fly Patterns” by Bob Jones and Paul Marriner.

Arctic Firefly

Arctic Firefly
Hook: Partridge Single Wilson
Thread: Fire Orange 6/0
Body: Silver Black Axxel Flash
Under Wing: Chartreuse Marabou
Mid Wing: Hot Pink Marabou
Flash: Silver Flash
Top Wing: Red tip dyed Marabou
Eyes: Jungle Cock Nails