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Shark’s Caddis Larva

I started tying these a couple years ago and was impressed by just how realistic this pattern looks when it get’s dunked. The image from GFF shows just how close the pattern looks. I tried this out last summer and had some great results while hunting sunfish perch. Click here to visit the GFF Tutorial

Shark's Caddis Naturals and Imitation
Shark's Caddis Naturals and Imitation

We also have a great youtube clip of this pattern to share. It is a great pattern, easy to tie and is a definite fish catcher.



Riseform TV – New website

Riseform studios has revamped their current website and is now offering content on a more regular basis. Every other week, you can look for new video posted to the site and once a month there will be a new fly tying video. Thanks to Alex at Day Tripper for pointing out the news.

 The first pattern is J.C.’s Electric Caddis Larvae by John Collins one of the site’s resident tyers. The recipe is below and you can click the link to see how to tie the fly.


Electric Caddis

Hook: Dai-Riki 285 curved nymph sizes 10 – 18
Thread: 8/0 Olive Wire: Olive ultra wire
Tubing: Waspi stretch tubing, Clear
Abdomen: Wire Inserted inside of stretch tubing, wound forward
Claspers: Olive antron yarn
Thorax and Legs: Black ostrich herl