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Flymen Fishing Co Releases New Faux Bucktail

Once again, fly tyers can enjoy another innovative product from the R&D labs at Flymen Fishing Co . Faux Bucktail is the latest product to hit the shelves and it brings some new choice to the market. The new Faux Bucktail addresses some of the issues found in natural bucktail

“However, as fly tyers, we share in the general frustration of the difficulty of finding quality bucktail with long fibers on a consistent basis. We wanted to create a synthetic fiber with similar features to bucktail and properties that would allow it to be used as a more multi-purpose tying material with improvements over existing non-tapered synthetic fibers.”

Faux Bucktail
Faux Bucktail by Flymen Fishing Co.

The synthetic hairs come in a 6″ length, providing lots of room for even larger hair flies. Most natural bucktail is in the 3-4.5″ range. Tyers have a palate of 12 vibrant colors to choose from. It features a natural-like crinkle in the fibers and tapered tips. The hairs are not hollow and will not flair like the natural bucktail, so this should be taken into consideration when using the Faux Bucktail in place of natural.

Here is a simple baitfish pattern from Flymen below which gives you a nice look at how the material handles on the hook.

My thoughts on the bucktail are that it looks like a promising material to tie with. I’m impressed by the tapered tips, long length, and ease of use, but I think the 6″ length may be wasteful for the needs of most tyers. Tying smaller flies will mean that you have a lot of waste product. I would like to see aa smaller length available down the road, say 4″. Another issue that I believe will pop up is the lack of give in the solid fibers. When using bucktail, the hairs can be compressed and this helps to keep them in place (and can cause the most hollow to flare).

I have not yet had a chance to tie with the Faux Bucktail but will be getting the chance to soon. The material has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to seeing the new fly patterns that emerge with it. If you would like to try it out for yourself or would like some more information, visit the product page on the Flymen Fishing Co. website.


Guitar Minnow – Jim Bernstein

This is a great bait fish imitator. There is quite a bit of detail put into the fly including a dual tone head and lacquered eyes, but the smelt-like qualities are all there. This would be a great fly for fishing bull trout, or deep lakers as well as the intended landlocked Atlantic salmon and big coaster brookies. The basic design of the fly is much like a Clouser Minnow, but this pattern has a much longer profile and different weighting with the eye being placed more forward.



The Wing – Steve Silverio

I haven’t had a chance to see Steve tie before, but I have seen a great number of his flies that incorporate the Polar Pony hair into them. While he mentions that this fly is similar to Clouser styled flies, it’s far from it IMHO, that being neither good or bad. This pattern dubbed The Wing, does remind me of a game fowl wing in some sense. The fy is massive, as Steve is know for large saltwater flies, and is tied using an interesting method. I really enjoyed watching this one, and I hope you do as well.