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Fly Tying Friday’s: The Complex Twist Bugger by Anglers All

This fly designed by Clark Pierce aka “Checch” is a unique but simple tie utilizing the existing materials to create a quick dubbing brush that’s durable and easy to tie. Our warehouse manager, Ben Baxter is a big fan of this tie and was happy to sit down and knock a few out for our subscribers. Check out the list of materials below all available at anglersall.com!

Hook: Daichi 2461 — #4
Thread: Danville’s 210 — Black
Cone: Medium — Tungsten or Brass
Tail: Select Marabou — Dark Brown
Body: Strung Schlappen — Brown & Black
UV Polar Chenille — Olive
Collar: Hairline “Bruiser Blend” Dubbing — UV Tan

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Meal Ticket – Brian Wise

I’m loving the series of videos that Brian Wise from Fly Fishing the Ozarks has been creating out the past while. They have some great sound tracking and some really interesting flies from the likes of Kelly Galloup and Mike Schmidt, two innovative fly designers.

Back Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #2
Body – EP Sparkle Brush
Tail/Wing – Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip
Legs – Crazy legs
Articulation Point – Beadalon
Spacer – Glass Bead

Front Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s
Eyes – Lead Eyes
Body – EP Sparkle Brush
Wing – Tiger Barred Rabbit Strip
Legs – Crazy legs
Head – Wool