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Brass Zebra Bead Head

The Brass Zebra is a mash-up of 2 popular trout flies. The Brassie and the Zebra Midge. This design is credited to Dan Liechty, but there are some other similar flies out in the world.

The fly is quite simple but can be tied using different colors of wire. You’ll just want to make sure you keep the colors contrasting so that you keep the “zebra” effect. Black with gold, silver, orange, or chartreuse all works well.

For the thorax, natural peacock works well, but you can use Ice Dubbing or Diamond Dubbing to give the fly a slightly different look and a little more durability.

Fish this pattern near the bottom of creeks and rivers or it also works well as a stillwater fly suspended under a strike indicator.

Brass Zebra Fly Pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-16
Bead: Gold tungsten or brass
Thread: Black 6/0 (140d)
Body: 1 strand red Ultrawire & 2 strands black Ultrawire
Thorax: Peacock herl or dubbing

Brass Zebra Trout Fly
Brass Zebra fly for trout and panfish


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