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Elk River Nymph by Boots Allen

Driggs/Jackson area fly fishing guide Boots Allen ties up his Elk Liver Nymph fly pattern. I really love the finished look of this little nymph, but if you don’t have access to creating dubbing brushes, you can use a simple dubbing loop to get the job done. The result is a very mottled looking nymph with a decent amount of flash.

Elk River Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Dai Riki 700 #10
Bead: Brass bead
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Black ostrich herl
Abdomen: Wire dubbing brush (crystal flash ep fiber micro rubber legs)
Wingcase: Crinkle mirror flash – rootbeer + epoxy
Thorax: Ice Dubbing Bloody Mary (Black, red, purple, maroon)


Youtube: The Weekly Fly
Web: TheWeeklyFly.com


Booty’s Baitfish – TWF

I’ve been tying up tons of baitfish patterns for clients over the past couple months and so I didn’t want to pass this one up. This is a pattern with a cool construction that is going to keep a lot of it’s shape in the water. The peacock under body is quite chunky and with the translucent materials over top, it looks like a well fed fingerling. I would switch the epoxy out for Tuffleye or another light set resin to avoid the wheel and any potential saging. On that note, I just received a fresh tube of the new Tuffleye Flex from Wet-A-Hook tech. The flex product has a gummy feel when set, and I can’t wait to get a few of these tied up.

Boots Allen is a third generation guide and outfitter from Western Wyoming. Over the last 18 years, he has had the opportunity to fish and guide at destinations around the world, including Argentina, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, British Columbia, and the streams of the Rocky Mountain West.

Click here or the image to check out the video.

Booty's Baitfish - Boots Allen
Booty's Baitfish - Boots Allen