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Tying the Brownline Nymph

I’ve only been able to hit the creeks a couple times this year, but I’ve been developing this brownline nymph for the past couple seasons. In particular, I wanted this fly to target a specific river, but I’m finding that it has been producing a ton of resident rainbow trout on all the creeks I’ve fished. The thorax is a split thread loop wrapped like a soft hackle. This gives the fly a jacket of UV dubbing and the appearance of trapped gas. The brown body of the fly is contrasted with chartreuse ribbing and can be seen through the shroud of brown UV ice dubbing. I’ve used tungsten to help get this fly down deep and into the strike zone quickly. It’s a great little bead head fly for the small pocket water creek of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Brownline Nymph fly pattern recipe

Hook: Firehole 516 #12-18 or another jig hook
Bead: Gold tungsten
Thread: Brown UTC 6/0 (140d)
Tail: Pardo CDL fibers
Ribbing: Chartreuse Ultrawire small
Body coat: Bone Dry U.V.
Thorax: Brown Ice Dubbing

The Brownline Nymph fly pattern recipe
The Brownline Nymph fly pattern recipe


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Delo’s Improved Nymph by Matt Delorenzo

The Delo’s Improved Nymph, designed by Matt Delorenzo, is a slight variation of an Iso Nymph. The fly uses stretch micro tubing for ribbing, and so it lets the body color really show while keeping the fly durable. The colors can be switched out to tie an endless variety of the nymphs. The tungsten bead ensures the fly is hugging bottom and swings in the strike zone for as long as possible. Matt also ties a steelhead version of the fly for stained and coloured water using an orange bead. It is defiantly a guide pattern as it is quick to tie, and it lands a ton of fish for Matt and his clients. It can’t hurt to have a bunch tied up for your own box.

Delo’s Improved Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Daiichi 1260 #12-18
Bead: Tungsten copper (match size to hook)
Thread: Veevus 16/0 brown
Tail: Dark Hungarian partridge
Ribbing: Micro stretch tubing
Body: SLF dubbing
Wingcase: Thin Skin mottled oak
Legs: Craft ribbon and Dark Hungarian partridge

You can follow Matt Delorenzo on vimeo to check out this and the rest of his fly tying videos and visit theflypatch.com


Crust Nymph by North 40 Fly Shop

The Crust Nymph is a slim beadhead that is tied using turkey biot for the body. To overcome the fragile nature of the biot, the North 40 crew overwrap fine copper wire on the turkey. It should add a few extra hits to the fly, and make it even more effective when it gets beat up. Keep the thorax light, using yellow on the PMD and the brown olive on the BWO versions of the fly.

Crust Nymph Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Nymph hook 1xl 1xs
Bead: 5/64 brass bead copper or brown
Thread: 70 Ultra Thread brown
Tail: Wood duck
Rib: small copper wire
Body:Turkey Biot – Brown
Winces: Body Stretch 1/8″ brown
Legs: CDC Tuft Gray Dun
Thorax: Ice Dub UV Light Yellow

Be sure to check out this and other videos on North 40 Fly Shop Youtube page and be sure to subscribe.