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BMW (Brian’s Marabou Wiggler)-Phil Rowley Fly Tying by Philip Rowley

BMW (Brian’s Marabou Wiggler)-Phil Rowley Fly Tying

BMW-Brian’s Marabou Wiggler (Designed by Brian Chan)

Hook: Daiichi 1760 #12-#14
Thread: MFC 8/0 or UTC 70, Color to Compliment Body
Tail: Marabou
Rib: UTC Ultra Wire, Gold or Silver
Body: Marabou
Bead: Tungsten, Silver or Gold

Brian Chan’s BMW is a must have stillwater pattern. Presented as a micro leech most often beneath an indicator this pattern is a great ‘start the day’ choice or during the early spring and late fall over shallow shoals. Tie this fly in a variety of colors including black, maroon (claret), and shades of olive. Mottled marabou versions are also good options.

A black with either a silver rib/bead or gold rib/combination of this fly has also worked extremely well when trout are focused on chironomid pupa but a standard match the hatch approach proves inconsistent at best. Hanging what seems an out of proportion size 12 or even size 14 BMW has saved the day for me too often to be a random event.

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Pheasant Tail Evil Weevil

The Evil Weevil is a great nymph pattern that was developed by Jeremy Davies out of Calgary, Alberta in Canada which is home the famous Bow River. The pattern is tied on a curved scud hook and is highly customizable. There are quite a few variations of the fly including this Pheasant Tail version of the Evil Weevil. If you need to get the fly into deeper waters, you can use tungsten beads and a few wraps of lead behind the bead.

Evil Weevil Pheasant Tail Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-16
Bead: Copper brass
Weight: 0.030 lead (optional)
Thread: Dark olive 6/0
Tail: Pheasant tail
Rib: Fine copper wire
Body: Pheasant tail
Shellback: Scudback
Thorax: Peacock ice dubbing
Legs: Olive turkey biots


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