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4 Eyed Black Betty

The Black Betty is a variant of the Carp Carrot by Jim Pankiewicz which is an adaptation of the Carrot Nymph by Anvil Tartus. I tie this lighter variation with a set of 4 bead chain eyes to help the fly sit hook up. With the lead eyes, the fly has enough weight to turn hook up, but the bead chain version doesn’t alway hold true. the extra eyes help fix this.

4 Eyed Black Betty Carp Fly Recipe

Hook: Carp hook #4 http://ebay.to/2t5a273
Thread: 6/0 Black
Eyes: Black 3.2mm bead chain (4 balls) etsy.me/2t2CfLz
Tail: Silicone tab skirt black
Rib: Brassie wire black
Body: Peacock herl
Hackle: Black hen
Head: Black Peacock Diamond Dubbing


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