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DFL Step by Step by Dave Hosler

Dave over at Pilecast.net has put together a nice little step by step of his latest slab catcher, the DFL. This has a great looking profile and a nice dark lateral line down the middle. Dave ties this up in classic Clouser chartreuse and white. You can check out the step by step and Dave’s write-up on the pattern. This should play well with a number of species like bass, pike and browns. Happy Tying.

Dave Hosler's DFL streamer
Dave Hosler’s DFL streamer

Hook: Gamakatsu size 2 B10S
Thread: Danville 210 white
Tail: Hairline Extra Select craft fur white and chartruese
Lateral Line: 4 strands peacock herl
Head: Senyo Laser Dub white and chartruese
Clear Cure Goo flex
Eye: Clear Cure Eyes 6mmsilver


Mike Schmidt’s Double Deceiver – Brian Wise

Mike Schmidt is the man behind Angler’s Choice Flies and he has some truly mammoth streamers. Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks must have hit a herd of whitetails and needed a way to get rid of all that hair. The Double Deceiver is an articulated fly, 6-8 inches long, and uses a LOT of bucktail. The result is a nice full pattern designed to temp the meanest predators in the streams. Musky, bass, pike and big trout, you’ve been warned.

Thanks Brian, for the great work in the editing dept. Love the front end shots of the completed flies and the scrubbing through the tying.

Rear Hook:
Hook: Gamakatsu B10s #2
Tail: Schlappen
Body: Bucktail

Connection Point: Beadalon

Front Hook:
Hook: Gamakatsu B10s #1
Tail: Schlappen (optional)
Body: Bucktail
Eyes: Mirage Domed
Head: Clear Cure Goo