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Tribute to a Fine Tyer – Fran Betters

It is sad news to share with the fly tying communnitty, but renowned Adriondack fly tyer Francis (Fran) Betters has passed away. Fran died on Sunday, September 6th. I had just spoke with Fran a couple weeks back on the phone and this news is indeed sad. We posted back a few months ago about Fran and some of the challenges he was facing (http://flytyer.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/fran-betters-needs-our-help/). I purchased a bunch of flies to do my small part to help out and the flies have arrived and will now never see any water. The flies included The Usual, Ausable Wulff, Haystack and Ausable Caddis, some of Fran’s signature flies. Please see the article posted below for a tribute to Fran. The fly tying world has lost an icon. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.



Fran Betters Needs our Help

Fran Betters Fly Plaque
Fran Betters Fly Plaque

I would love to be able to take over the operation, but the reality of it is I’ll likely just be able to order a few flies or perhaps a custom rod. I’m in debt to Fran for the usual and the fact that Snowshoe Hair is one of my top materials. Fran, we are pulling for you. Below is the text from the site.

It is simply time to be very straight forward. I am in difficulty. Too many things happened at the same time. Number One: I was FORCED to move my business and decided since I HAD to, I would do it the correct way which took everything I had. Number 2: I came down with congestive heart failure which is now in its end stages and Number 3, the economy decided to tank all at the same time. How about that for a bit of luck? I cannot QUIT until I find a buyer for my business of forty seven years. I have to try and survive somehow.

So I am asking for some help. If you have been considering buying one of my rods, please do so now. It could possibly be one of the last ones made. I know my days are numbered. Or one of the framed collectibles with a dozen of the flies I created, let me make one for you now. I could definitely use the business.

Some of you say I am a legend but I have always considered myself just one of you all. I never sought the limelight nor took advantage of many opportunities I had over my forty seven years of business. Money never really motivated me. Big money at least. Perhaps I made a mistake. The place I find myself in right now seems to indicate that. So what I would like to ask of you all is this. I know my days are very limited and I MUST find a buyer so would everyone please network and if you know of anyone who would be interested in being my successor, please send them my way. I want to meet them before I pass on. The price is very low and the deal is absolutely turnkey. It is listed with a wonderful agent in Lake Placid, Margie Philo who is Adirondack Premiere Properties. Here is a link to see the information. http://www.adkpp.com/?page_id=112

Thank you everyone in advance for any help you can give. Fran

Visit http://ausablewulff.com if you can help out one of the modern day fly fishing legends.