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Temple Dog – Hakan Norling

The original templedog tied up by Mr. Templedog himself, Hakan Norling. There are hundreds of tube patterns now spawned from this template and can be found in many colors. One important step to note while tying templedog style patterns is to tie the wing forward and bend it back in place. Be careful not to wrap on the hair after it is folded back, but rather at the base of the hair so that it flairs and produces a large voluminous profile. Enjoy.

Tube: standard 3mm tube cut to size
Thread: Black thread
Tag: Gold oval tinsel
Tail: Hot Orange fluoro fiber
Body: Flat gold tinsel / silver ice dub
Rib: Silver oval tinsel
Weight: Lead tape for balance
Hackle: Hot orange hackle
Wing 1: Sunburst flashabou, Brown fox or templedog hair
Collar 1: Black soft hackle
Wing 2: Brown fox or templedog hair and angelhair
Collar 2: Black soft hackle
Flash: flashabou tied on sides
Wing 3: Black fox or templedog hair
Eyes: Jungle cock


White Winged Akroyd – Davie McPhail

Sit back and enjoy! This is the stuff I really like to watch Davie tie up. The hair wing on this White Winged Akroyd takes a bit of the challenge out of tying the fly, but for tyers like me, it gives me hope that I could tie a half decent one. Beautiful fly Davie!


Youtube Channel: Davie McPhail
Youtube Video: Loop Wing Dry Fly pattern


Rusty Rat – FlySpoke

Wow, an amazing video featuring the Rusty Rat. Some awesome narration to go along with the fly.

Somewhere about 1935 Joseph Clovis Arsenault was asked by Joseph Pulitizer to replicate a worn out Black R.A.T. that had the under body showing through. This better with age and well used fly was the birth of one of the most famous of all Canadian hair wing flies.

Defiantly one of my all time favorite salmon flies to tie and fish. Enjoy!