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Bonnie Bell – Wilson Sporting Camps

I think it’s Doug Kinsman(?) from Wilson Sporting Camps tying up this sweet little double for the Miramichi river in New Brunswick. The fly is named for Bonnie Wilson and tied with lots of green, a color popular on the river. Enjoy!

Hook: Double salmon hook
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tag: Holographic gold flat mylar
Body: Green flat mylar
Wing: Black rabbit
Flash: Metallic green flash
Collar: Green hen hackle
Eyes: Jungle cock nails
Head: Black thread



Double Rainbow – Rocky Maley

What does this mean?

Rocky has been creating some awesome tutorials lately on his new blog / shop site – Steelhead Junkies. For anyone interested in tying the large classic salmon flies, Rocky has put together a bit of a tutorial on how he does it, first with the underbody, and then secondly with the dressing. Honestly, he makes it look easy, but I know better. Perhaps in my retirement years I’ll try a few of these, but until then, i can simply sit back, watch and enjoy.

Part 1 – The Under Body.

Double Rainbow Underbody
Double Rainbow Underbody

Part 2 – Finishing the Double Rainbow.

Double Rainbow - Rocky Maley
Double Rainbow - Rocky Maley

If my opening statement confused you, watch the clip below.



Savieur – Marc Madore

Marc ties up a beautiful fly. I recently had a bit of a conversation with Marc about wing construction on streamers and he had an interesting take on it. Tying stiff materials at the bottom of the wing and longer softer materials on the top. Reason being is to keep the fly from spinning in the current. I have to try out this theory with a few of my own flies. Marc has a ton of experience on the water and so it will be interesting to see how this works out for me. Enjoy