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Tying the Pink and Tan Grayling Bug with Darren MacEachern

The Pink and Tan is a fly that reminds me of a time early in my fly fishing career when some of my fellow anglers took me to a secluded spot deep in the northern Alberta backcountry. We drove through foresty roads, more or less unmarked and abandoned. You may pass a truck every 20 miles or so, but they are few and far between. Our destination was a little trickle of glacier water brimming with grayling, whitefish, and the occasional bull trout. From that day, the Arctic grayling became one of my favorite fishes to catch on the fly. They are gems and look as though they belong in the tropics rather than the cooler climates they are often found in. I fished for grayling quite a bit in Alberta and have had days where I was able to catch so many I wasn’t able to keep count.

Pink is a great color for grayling, but I like to fish it somewhat subdued. While I have done well with glowing bright hot pink flies, the hint of pink feels right. I tie these on a jig hook like the Partridge SUJ barbless hook or a Mustad C49s in sizes 10 down to 18. You can vary the weight by using either brass or tungsten beads and with the amount of weight you choose to wrap around the shank.

Pink and Tan Grayling Bug Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Partridge SUJ #10-18
Bead: Hot pink tungsten or brass
Thread: Pink 6/0 (140d)
Tail: Pink Congo Hair
Ribbing: Gold Ultrawire
Body: Tan Laser Dubbing
Thorax: Golden brown Ice Dubbing

Pink and Tan Grayling Bug
Pink and Tan Grayling Bug


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Battling the Shack Nasties

Ya, it getting very close to that time of the year when I start regrowing the grizzly beard, let the fingernails grow out, start mumbling about tandem rigging, buy a schload of books and start dreaming about casting to a mirror finished pool for trout. I feel the shack nasties coming on.

So does my buddy Scratch, and he’s been putting his pent up energy to good use. He has the shack nasties as well. Anyhow, here is a nice little caddis pattern he’s been tying up. It similar to a pattern I was using last year to fish for sunfish, but these little gems look like they will be perfect to hunt down a mess of Arctic Grayling.


LSR BBC (Little Smokey River Bottom Bouncing Caddis)
Hook: Size 8-12 Caddis
Bead: Oversize Gold or Silver
Under body: 12-15 turns of .015 lead or lead substitute
Thread: Olive 6/0
Body: Pale teal synthetic antron dubbing
Thorax: Olive (Synthetic or natural) Seal fur
Whip finish 🙂