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More DNA Fun

I know that we just featured a DNA Clouser last post, but this video is just too prime not to highlight. Many people in the Calgary area are familiar with Aaron Caldwell from the Fish Tales fly shop and can attest to his fly tying skills. This video really caught my eye with the great production value and tying techniques. Pause at 18 seconds in for a money shot of this fly. Wicked proportions on this Clouser and a nice efficient tie.

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Articulated Gartside Leech

Another fly from the vise of Aaron Caldwell with his take on the classic Jack Gartside Leech. The fly is tied with a Waddington shank, a method not often used, with an articulated hook. There is a great tip in this video on avoiding impromptu piercings that should come in handy. I’m thinking that this one may be a great pattern for some local bass and trout. Can’t wait to try a couple.

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Thunder Creek DNA

Thunder Creek flies are a bit tricky to learn to tie, but once you get it, it’s easy and an amazing way to imitate minnows. Here is the January offering from Fish Tales Fly Shop out of Calgary Alberta. I’ve met Aaron on a number of occasions and he has shared some great patterns that have been really effective.

“At the Denver fly fishing retailers show in 2007 I looked at a product on a table, picked it up and immediately asked “What is this?” and “How do we get it?” The product was DNA Holo fusion. As a result of that find I now have filled a void in my fly tying material arsenal. I discovered something that was supple enough to move well in bait fish patterns, yet rigid enough to hold its shape when tied. It’s also available in a good variety of colors.”

Click the link to view the step by step tutorial created on how to tie up this fly. http://www.fishtalesflyshop.com/feature-fly/dna-thunder-creek-by-aaron-caldwell/

Thunder Creek DNA fly by Aaron Caldwell

Hook: Daiichi 1710 6-12
Thread: Uni 6/0 Red
Wing: DNA frosty fish fibres (FFF) in white and grey (or substitute colors to your preference)
Eyes: Stick on eyes
Head: Tuffleye, or epoxy, or UV knot sense