Wet Fly Tying Contest

Head over to the FlyFishCalgary forum to brush up on your tying skills with a bit of friendly fly tying competition. Dr. Bull Trout is hosting these weekly events with a new contest every week through the winter. It’s all for honor and well, it’ll help you get through the shack nasties and might fill a couple spaces in your box.

http://flyfishcalgary.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2501 The current contest is for wet flies. Dec 9 is the deadline to post your entry and the flies will be posted to the forum to be judged by the members of the forum. Last year the contest was held under the moniker of KOTV, King of the Vise, but I’m not sure if the contest was actually named this year. Go ahead and get involved.


Fly Tying Video Database

Not on YouTube, and that means you won’t run into any Nuc-Lee-Air type fly tying demos. Nushranger and Shaq have built themselves a nice little database of fly tying and fly fishing videos. The site allows users to upload their own video as well. The site also has some other features, but the videos are what really makes the site sticky. Don’t know how to make a video? Click here for a quick rundown on how to use Windows movie maker to create your own movies.

Fly Tying Video Database



In Memoriam Carrie Stevens – A tribute

In 2005 , members of the Fly Tying Forum (http://flytyingforum.com) put together a sampling of New England or Rangely styled streamers popularized by Carrie Stevens. I’m a huge fan of this classic styling of the streamer, and tie a few myself. Carrie was a commercial fly tyer and is credited with popularizing over 100 patterns in the style.

Click here to visit and enjoy the entire collection – http://www.ronnlucassr.com/CSM/memoriam.htm


The Grey Ghost tied by Plumbob – A stunning example.


Keep a hook in your vise

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