Live Action Intruder Fly

Here is a little gem of video off of Youtube. 2 actually. These shots are of the underwater movements of the Intruder style flies. This guys actually has a bit of a series going on underwater flies and it’s interesting to note how some of the materials behave underwater. I’d love to see more videos in this series, just up the tempo of the music please.


Getting paid to tie. Going Pro.

Well not really pro, but it could give you some decent experience tying for an audience. Most likely for those out in Ontario Canada, but if you are in the area, it may be worth it to check it out. Grand River Troutfitters is looking for tyers to put on some light demo’s in their new fly tying area. They will buy the flies you tie for the day at retail to help offset your expenses. I can tie up quite a few flies in a couple hours, hehe. The shop is located out in Fergus Ontario next to the Grand River. 


Keep a hook in your vise

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