Hammering Steelhead

Here is a fly I have used with some great results in the Great Lakes tribs. It’s relatively simple, but I should mention that it does deviate from the original Orvis pattern. Lets just say I’m not about to start braiding a fly I’m likely to lose in under 10 minutes. I’ve been known to hook up with plenty of tree fish.

That being said, I liked the look of the pattern and decided to make a few of my own mods to it. I changed the woven body to a straight black floss body and added a holographic rib. I also took out the shell back off the head. Basically it is now an egg pattern, and I tie it in 7 different colors. Blue, Orange, Red, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Purple and a Glow Pink.

Blue Steelhead hammer

I did up a up a step by step tutorial on Flyangler.ca a while back if you are interested in tying up a few. It’s more or less my go-to egg pattern for the winter Steelhead. Here is the recipe.

Steelhead Hammer Fly Pattern Recipe
Hook: Mustad C49S or other Scud Hook
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Purple Schlappen
Ribbing: Silver Holographic Mylar Tinsel 1/64
Body: Black Super-Stretch Floss
Thorax: Purple Crystal Chenille
Head: Fire Orange Thread

**UPDATE** – the step by step has been moved to the Daily Fly Tyer



Art Flick Flies at Auction

I stumbled upon this on eBay just a few seconds ago, but it’s out of my price range and I though a reader might want to take a look and perhaps bid. Here is a set of 11 Art Flick flies framed and ready to hang. This is especially for Alex over at the The Day Tripper because I know he loves the Catskillz.

Art Flick Flies

2 days to bid and it’s already at US $543.33. Good luck.



Wet Fly Tying Contest

Head over to the FlyFishCalgary forum to brush up on your tying skills with a bit of friendly fly tying competition. Dr. Bull Trout is hosting these weekly events with a new contest every week through the winter. It’s all for honor and well, it’ll help you get through the shack nasties and might fill a couple spaces in your box.

http://flyfishcalgary.com/board/index.php?showtopic=2501 The current contest is for wet flies. Dec 9 is the deadline to post your entry and the flies will be posted to the forum to be judged by the members of the forum. Last year the contest was held under the moniker of KOTV, King of the Vise, but I’m not sure if the contest was actually named this year. Go ahead and get involved.


Keep a hook in your vise

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